Modern slavery and human trafficking statement 2021-22

Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. 它有多种形式, 比如奴隶制, 奴役, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking, 所有这一切都有一个共同点,即剥夺一个人的自由,由另一个人利用他们谋取个人或商业利益. We are committed to improving our practices to combat slavery and human trafficking.



We are a leading UK university in the higher education sector, with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research, strong links with business and industry and unrivalled sporting achievement. 大学有 over 19,400 学生 and over 3,500 staff. In 2021/22, we had total income of £337.3 million and total expenditure of £388.400万年.

Loughborough's Chancellor is the formal principal officer. 校长也是大学理事会的当然成员,并为拉夫堡的毕业生授予学位. The University Council is the governing body, responsible for the University's strategy and overall governance. It is the official employer of all staff and meets four times a year. Its Chair is the Senior Pro Chancellor, Christine Hodgson. Senate is responsible for the academic work of the University, 学术奖项, teaching and research quality. Its membership is drawn from the academic staff of the University.

大学的日常管理由副校长和校长负责, Nick Jennings教授, who is the academic and executive head. The Vice Chancellor works closely with the 大学执行委员会 (UEB) which includes: the Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor, 三位副校长, 首席运营官, 财务总监, 九名校长, the Deputy 首席运营官 and Director of Student Services, the Associate 首席运营官 and Director of Organisational Development & Change and the Director of Planning & 大学谘询委员会秘书. He also works closely with other senior leaders through the 大学领导小组. 大学有 9所学术院校, over 100 research groups, institutes and centres, and 12 professional service functions.


We categorise our procurement spend as follows: (% split based on 2021-22 spend profile, where total procurement spend was £70m)

屋苑/建造 42.5%
IT & 电信 10.7%
专业服务 20.5%
实验室 & 医疗 8.5%
旅行 & 住宿 4.8%
餐饮 4.9%
家具 0.7%
视听 1.5%
办公用品 1.3%
邮政服务 0.3%
家居/清洁 1.2%
图书馆 1.4%

We have undertaken a high-level risk assessment of our contracts, 确定哪些供应链延伸到潜在存在现代奴隶制的高风险部门和地区. The high-risk sub-categories identified are estates/construction, IT & 电信, 餐饮, specialist cleaning services, 出租车, laboratory supplies (gloves), and personal protective equipment/workwear/sports kit/promotional leisurewear.

贝搏体育的 policies on slavery and human trafficking

贝搏体育的大学策略, 工作场所的政策和程序表明了贝搏体育在所有业务关系中遵守道德和诚信的承诺. We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery in our supply chains, or in any part of our business. 贝搏体育的 HR policies and procedures reflect UK employment law.

贝搏体育的 检举政策 为员工提供指导, 学生, 校董会成员及大学其他成员就披露资料的程序所作的说明, in that person’s reasonable belief, is in the public interest and tends to show one or more types of malpractice, impropriety or dangers as specified in the Policy.

该大学的采购条例要求遵守2015年现代奴隶制法案. 该大学的可持续采购指导说明明确引用了2015年现代奴隶制法案, 将奴隶制和人口贩运纳入采购前风险评估工具. 它还促使人们考虑是否适当使用劳工标准(包括劳工组织核心公约)作为选择标准.


Due diligence processes for slavery and human trafficking

As well as being reflected in our policies and procedures, the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 are built into our working documents. 采购战略清单/模板对供应链中的现代奴役风险进行了标记和减轻, pre-qualification/tender documents and the University’s Standard Terms and Conditions.

大学已经购买了 NetPositive Futures’ Supplier Engagement Tool, 这意味着贝搏体育的供应商可以免费使用该工具,为他们的业务制定可持续发展行动计划. 在相关的, 该工具确定了供应商为减轻其供应链中的现代奴役风险而采取的行动. 该工具允许大学运行报告,以查看供应商在其计划中确定的行动的进展情况. The University’s template contract award letter encourages suppliers to use the tool, 鉴于合同的性质,由于奴役的重要性(或可持续性因素),其使用不应订立合同. 此外, our contract summary template, which is completed by the Procurement Team once a contract is awarded, focusing contract managers on the key contract deliverables, performance measures and risks etc., includes a modern slavery risk rating. The contract summary template, as well as our contract review meeting agenda template, also note the availability of NetPositive action plan progress reports, 包括供应商在推进任何现代奴隶制缓解行动方面的进展情况.

大学继续与其他大学和高等教育采购财团合作, 尤其是东北大学采购联盟(NEUPC),该大学是其中的一员, 就如何最好地利用贝搏体育的联合资源来识别和监测贝搏体育供应链中的现代奴役风险达成共识.

Supplier adherence to our values

We have zero tolerance to modern slavery. 以及通过采购/合同管理程序采取缓解措施(包括增加适当的资格预审/投标问题和标准合同条款), the University expressed this policy, 解释了《贝搏体育》以及贝搏体育在程序中增加的相关措施, 在本地供应商活动中.


The Procurement team have received Modern Slavery training from NetPositive Futures, the University of Greenwich and the Ethical Trading Initiative. 所有参与采购的员工都了解供应链中现代奴隶制的风险和指标, along with the mitigating measures detailed above, as part of our rolling in-house Procurement training. 所有员工都已了解由英国大学财务总监小组(BUFDG)提供的免费现代奴隶制在线培训模块。. 工作人员还了解了由英国大学采购联盟(UKUPC)提供的一系列现代奴隶制网络研讨会,涵盖现代奴隶制法案和现代奴隶制的主要警告.

贝搏体育的 effectiveness in combating slavery and human trafficking

采购小组在2021/22年度进行的所有招标工作都将标准的现代奴役风险缓解措施纳入了贝搏体育的采购流程. 采购小组现在也有专门的资源来进行合同管理,以确保与大学供应商的持续对话.

NEUPC最近代表其会员与电子手表建立了附属会员关系. Electronics Watch是一个独立的监督组织,旨在保护供应链中工人的权利. Their particular focus is on electronic purchasing in the public sector. The Head of Commercial Finance, along with other University staff, have confirmed their membership to Electronic Watch through this affiliation, 已经注册接收每月更新,并继续努力成为充分活跃的附属机构通过, 除此之外, communicating to colleagues the importance of socially responsible procurement.

采购团队继续使用一些工具来检查贝搏体育的供应商在保护工人权利方面的表现, 包括 BetterWork for our apparel contracts and 了解链条 查阅贝搏体育的资讯科技合约.

We have also made use of the resources developed as part of Stronger Together’s Construction Programme, 在屋苑/建造类合约的招标模板中加入以下要求

To mitigate the risk of modern slavery within its supply chain, the Contractor must:

  • Ensure that the Site Manager (as a minimum) has undertaken training on how to identify and respond to signs of modern slavery among Contractor employees working on the University site; and
  • Clearly display posters about the University site explaining, 所有相关语言, what forced labour is and how to report incidents of it, 包括 via the Modern Slavery Helpline.

StrongerTogether also provides resources for fulfilling such requirements.